Kreativ Blogger Award

First of all, I want to apologise both for not posting in almost a month and for being so late in responding to this in particular. My excuse is that I’ve been visiting my family and haven’t had much time to spend online (though I have read some excellent books, so I plan on writing about Paper Covers Rock, by Jenny Hubbard and Liar, by Justine Larbalestier soon).

Anyway, I returned to my computer to find that Cecile’s Writers nominated my blog for the Kreativ Blogger Award. I’m honoured by this nomination, as I would be by any, but particularly coming from a blog I enjoy reading and whose writers I respect for their insightful posts.

The rules for the award are these:

  • Display the award image on your blog
  • Acknowledge the nominator
  • List ten things about yourself that readers probably don’t know
  • Pass the award along by nominating at least six other blogs you enjoy reading

On to the ten things you probably don’t know about me:

  1. I often wear unmatching socks, at least in terms of colour and pattern. However, they have to match in texture, thickness and length so that they feel the same on my feet.
  2. I’ve been a vegetarian for nine years.
  3. My protagonist is currently on her fourth (I think) first name, second surname (which I think I’ll change because I don’t like it) and I have yet to settle upon any middle names. This is why I appropriated a baby name book from my parents’ house last week.
  4. Cheese and jam sandwiches are the best.
  5. I’m the second of four girls in my family, with no brothers.
  6. I’m obsessive about ironing. Sometimes I even iron my socks and underwear if they’re stiff.
  7. Actually, I’m obsessive about quite a lot of things. My bookshelves are alphabetised and divided by genre, with the books fronted (as in a library) to aid in scanning for a specific title.
  8. I must be uninteresting because I’m struggling to get to ten.
  9. I hated most poetry until I was 17 or 18. I particularly hated anything that was free verse. Now T. S. Eliot is one of my favourite poets.
  10. I loved Twilight when it first came out. I was 15.

I’m nominating the following blogs for this award: – I love these poems: the experimentation with different styles, the poignancy, they’re great. – This blog is about the portrayal of female characters in children’s movies and the problems therein. – I just discovered this blog the other day, and fell in love with the honest, penetrating poems. I also like the unusual premise. – A stimulating blog covering a vast array of topics about writing. – In addition to being informative about bra fitting, this blog tackles issues regarding body image and the lingerie industry. – An illuminating blog about feminism and other such things.

Please check them out!


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