I’m an adult, and I read YA lit

Technically, at the age of 24, I am a young adult, but the term in bookspeak seems to be used as a rough equivalent of 'teen', and as a grown woman I've gotten looks from people when they find out I've been reading YA, as if it's some kind of dirty secret. Just to get … Continue reading I’m an adult, and I read YA lit


Iterative Novel Development

I'm currently working on my Master's dissertation, which centres around software development. A key element of modern software development is the concept of iterative development, in which you create a prototype, test it, modify it, test it, etc. With each iteration, the program gets closer to the final product. It occurred to me recently that … Continue reading Iterative Novel Development

Fantasy’s Many Sub-Genres

If you're a fan of fantasy, you've probably noticed that fantasy can be broadly divided into two categories, high and low fantasy, and that within those two broad categories there are any number of sub-genres, including historical fantasy, contemporary fantasy, paranormal romance, science fantasy, epic fantasy, urban fantasy and more. And not everyone agrees on … Continue reading Fantasy’s Many Sub-Genres

Allegiant, by Veronica Roth (BIG spoilers)

I have rather mixed feelings about this book. I loved loved LOVED Divergent and pretty wholeheartedly enjoyed Insurgent, but there were bits about Allegiant that just didn't do it for me. Indeed, I stopped midway through it and didn't pick it up again for ages. The previous book ended with Jeanine Matthews, the major antagonist … Continue reading Allegiant, by Veronica Roth (BIG spoilers)

The Austen Project

I've recently read Northanger Abbey, by Val McDermid. Yes, you read that right; not Austen, McDermid. And I loved it. It's the second book in The Austen Project, in which contemporary authors re-write each of Austen's six finished novels. It's an ambitious, and controversial, undertaking, and I think its success will largely depend on how … Continue reading The Austen Project