I feel uncomfortable calling myself a writer. When fellow aspiring authors address blog posts to writers, I shy away, thinking they can’t possibly mean me. And, yes, sometimes they are looking for answers from published authors. I have nothing to offer a blogger requesting advice on seeking representation for a novel, because I have never done so. But does that mean I shouldn’t share my experiences when they fit the topic? I am a writer by the very definition of the term – I am a person who writes.

In real life, too, if I tell people I’m a writer, they think that means I’m published and, unless you count a poem printed in a student journal at university, I’m not. I usually end up saying I write “for fun” or “as a hobby”, but that hardly encompasses the passion, dedication and, sometimes, mental agony that goes into my writing.

This is how I tend to look both when I'm writing and when I'm thinking about whether or not I'm a writer.

This is not only how I often look while writing, but also while thinking about whether or not I’m a writer.

I’m curious how other aspiring authors and bloggers feel about this question. Do you feel comfortable calling yourself a writer? Or do you, too, avoid considering yourself such?