Literary Linking 21/02/15

From Book Riot, What Not to Say to Bookstore Employees. From the pretentious (“I only read signed copies”) to the downright rude (“I’m buying this on my Kindle while we’re talking”), here’s a basic list of things not to say to bookstore employees.

More interesting than the fact that some of E. B. White’s books will now be available in e-book form is the rationale behind not doing so before now.

White’s granddaughter Martha White told The Associated Press that family members had worried electronic sales would hurt business for their preferred format, paper.

(emphasis mine)

In other words, the White family believe they have a right to dictate how people choose to read the books under their control. Do you agree?

I want to visit these library hotels. Every. Last. One.

From Janice Hardy’s Fiction University, a post on Avoiding Awkward (or Unnecessary) Internal Questions in your narrative. This is one of those things I didn’t even realise I was doing as much as I am until I read this post.

From Bookshelves of Doom, a post on Book Reviews and Criticism. As an English graduate, I am ALL ABOUT the literary criticism, and I think it’s important when reviewing books to distinguish between literary skill, socially problematic storylines or characters, and personal preference.

I see criticism as a way of treating stories, regardless of format, regardless of genre, regardless of intended audience, with respect. In looking closely at them, we are saying that they DESERVE to be looked at closely

And finally, why We’re Talking About Young Adult Fiction all Wrong:

Rather than seeking to separate good and “real” YA fiction from anything childish and superficial, a task that too often relies on dated ideas of authenticity and gender, we should instead focus on how inclusive, and even progressive, YA fiction can be.


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