I’m going through one right now, and while it’s not my first one I still don’t really know how to fix it. I’ve read two books in the past 2.5 weeks and, while they were both books I really wanted to read and should have really enjoyed, I found it difficult to get into them and had to force myself to sit down and read. Now I’ve got another book I have to finish by Friday so I can get it back to the library before I go on holiday, and I’m all of two chapters in. Again, it’s something I was looking forward to reading after ploughing through the first in the series in less than two days.

At any rate, this is why I’ve not been posting as much as usual lately – and, unless I snap out of this in the next week I probably won’t post again until after Victoria Day weekend, as I’ll be on holiday for a fortnight. I just haven’t really felt enthusiastic about books or bookish stuff. I’m hardly checking my Tumblr and Twitter (where I follow pretty much exclusively bookish people), I’m not reading all the blog posts in my inbox, and I haven’t written anything in weeks. This last one might actually be contributing to my slump; I feel like I can’t get anything down on the page, so when I read I’m more likely to feel inadequate next to the words in front of me. That said, much of the time when I sit down to read I don’t even get that far, because I can barely seem to even focus on the words enough to process them.

Usually I find the best way to deal with a slump is to make myself sit and read for a decent amount of time; pretty soon I get sucked into the story and don’t want to stop reading. That’s not been happening to me this time round, sadly. Perhaps it’s just the stress of so many other things in my life that’s just making it hard for me to focus in general. Good thing my sister’s insisting on taking me with her to yoga next week πŸ˜‰

Has anyone else experienced a reading slump before? If so, do you have any suggestions to combat it?