One blogger, still slumping

Yup, still struggling here. I haven’t finished a book in about a month. I got halfway through Mortal Heart (having LOVED the first two His Fair Assassin books), then gave up on it when I got the third Bloodlines book from the library. Ploughed through books 3-5, and I’ve been stuck on book 6 for weeks now. Then I picked up Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell last night, as I’ve just gotten the miniseries on Blu-Ray. Because a doorstopper like that in pseudo-19th-century prose is obviously the best option when you’re in a reading slump.

I want to take a moment to thank everyone who commented on my last post; even if I haven’t responded, I’ve taken all your suggestions to heart and I really appreciate them.

On the bright side, I think I’ve identified why I’ve been going through the biggest slump ever, and what it boils down to is I put too much pressure on myself. I wasn’t just reading books, but I was reading and then blogging about books, and then I was reading other bookish blogs and sites and sharing those links, and following authors on Twitter, and reading about writing and trying to actually get past the “This is shit” phase of the creative process on ONE of the novels I’ve been working on. tl;dr: It’s not about the reading, it’s about all the other things.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole bookish internet. There’s a reason I blog, and a reason I follow other blogs (though I haven’t looked at any in … over a month? I’ve been remiss in my blog-following duties, too). And I’m certainly not writing YA fantasy for the money. It’s just that all the constituent parts of being involved in book blogging were becoming more and more time consuming to the point where I got stressed about actually having, you know, a life.

And this blog’s meant to be fun. So I’m going to make it fun again. I’ll post once a week (probably on Saturdays?), most likely a review/recommendation, but maybe something else if I’ve not been reading much. I’m not going to continue Literary Linking as a weekly feature; I find it most fun when it organically grows out of my desire to share ALL THE THINGS I’ve read, and so when I’m busier and don’t have the time to read many bookish articles in a given week I struggle with it. It won’t disappear, but it’ll be something that I only do when I’ve been reading things I want to share. I also often share links on Twitter, so if you follow me on @prattlehastings you’ll see the same kind of thing.

And I’m going to finish a damn book.


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