This blog in 2016

I’ve been off work the past couple of weeks and it’s given me time to think about where I want this blog to go in the next year or so. I’ve been blogging (admittedly intermittently) for a while now, and although my blog has always been centred around books, I’ve done memes, reviews, discussion posts, writing updates, and more. Over the past year I’ve really had a chance to work out the kind of posts I like doing, and I’ve come to a couple of conclusions.

One, I love writing recommendations. I’m not really a fan of writing neutral or negative reviews, but I adore telling people to read books I love (I’m not bossy, I’m enthusiastic!). However, I find that at my reading pace one rec a week is about my limit, and I do that on Wednesdays at Coven Book Club. As a result, I don’t foresee many book reviews or recommendations coming up on this blog.

I also love to write discussion posts. This might be my background as a literature student, or maybe just a conceited desire to spread my opinions, but I do enjoy sharing thoughts about a particular aspect of a book or a specific character archetype or theme. I like delving deep and formulating an argument about the feminist implications of this character or what makes that character a compelling villain. I also enjoy broader discussions about fandom and genre. At the same time, my interest in this has never been exclusively bookish; I enjoy deconstructing TV shows and movies just as much as novels. In the coming year, I anticipate quite a few discussion posts about books as well as other fiction. Because this is ostensibly a book blog, I’d like to keep the balance skewed towards books, but with plenty of opportunity for discussion of Scully’s circus-tent pantsuits*.

As you’ve probably worked out by now, I’m not very good at keeping to a self-imposed blog schedule. This is particularly true with discussion posts, as it can take me a while to properly distill my thoughts and I sometimes think I’ll have a post ready by a given date only to feel like it’s not quite right. However, I would like to aim for some consistency in posting this year, so instead of aiming to post once or thrice a week or something like that, I’m aiming for 25 discussion posts this year, at least 15 of which will be bookish in nature. To help keep me on track, I’m signing up for the Book Blog Discussion Challenge hosted by Feed Your Fiction Addiction and It Starts At Midnight. My goal of 15 bookish posts puts me in the “Creative Conversationalist” category.

The other posts you’ll likely see on this blog in the next year are writing updates. These will probably be rather intermittent or in bursts, as I don’t often have much to say about my writing. Some of these will probably trend towards the discussion end of things, while others will be shameless navel-gazing.

So, that’s what you can expect on The Prattle of Hastings in 2016. Posts around once a fortnight, mostly discussions about books and other fiction, and some writing updates.

*Okay, I’d rather talk about how she’s an awesome woman**

**But they’re pretty damn ugly.


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