Wow, can you believe we’re two months into 2016 already?

At the beginning of the year, I set myself a few reading goals for 2016. Now that we’re a sixth of the way through the year, it seems a good time to revisit them and see how I’m doing.

I’ve read 19 books so far this year, which according to Goodreads means I’m three books ahead of schedule. I’ve read five books by authors of colour, which is well over a sixth of my goal of 13 (though four of them were in a single quartet, so I’m not sure that ‘counts’, as it’s actually only two different writers), and three books from outside my comfort zone, which is again more or less on track.

If you’re interested, this is what I’ve read so far this year:

2016 reading goals 1-1

TruthwitchCurtsies & ConspiraciesBones & BreathThe Ladies of Grace Adieu 

2016 reading goals 1-2

Waistcoats & WeaponryManners & MutinyWinterspellFrozen Tides

2016 reading goals 1-3

A Book of Spirits and Thieves | Blank Canvas | Gates of Thread and Stone

2016 reading goals 1-4

A Spy in the House | The Body at the Tower | The Traitor in the Tunnel | Rivals in the City

2016 reading goals 1-5

Soulless | Changeless | Kingdom of Ashes | A Thousand Nights