Patriarchy and Scully’s motherhood arc on The X-Files

The alien mythology of The X-Files is well-known for its convoluted plot threads, the result of the writers having only the vaguest of ideas about it themselves. While this openendedness allowed for the story to develop in ways it wouldn’t have otherwise, for instance in creating the popular Cigarette-Smoking Man, eventually the mythology began to … Continue reading Patriarchy and Scully’s motherhood arc on The X-Files


Romance and UST

One of my least-favourite tropes is UST, or Unresolved Sexual Tension, which is pretty much what it says on the tin. Two characters have romantic feelings for each other but either don’t admit them to themselves or don’t act on them for various reasons. For years. It’s most egregious in non-serial or semi-serial TV drama, … Continue reading Romance and UST